iPod Deleted File Recovery

Are you bothered about how to get back deleted files on iPod? In search for a suitable solution which guides you in getting back deleted files from iPod? Keep all your worry aside, and take help of iPod rescue software which is specially designed to retain deleted files from iPod or from any other data storage device. With this software, user will get full guidance with simple steps in order to undelete deleted files from iPod. Tool is used by millions of users across the world and is recommended by experts in order to get back erased files from iPod in few easy steps. Advanced revival algorithms of the software performs a deep scan of iPod to undelete deleted files from iPod Nano and other popular brands of iPod that too in quick span of time.

In today’s world, every user have a habit of using iPod and generally it is used for storing multimedia files and some of the people store their important document because iPod is a small plug and play device which can accommodate large number of files in it. Losing data from such device is always unbearable for the user. There are enormous reasons due to which files get deleted from the iPod, sometimes files gets deleted accidentally and sometimes software or device conflicts are responsible for this disaster. A common human mistake in deletion of files instead of deleting other file is the biggest problem and is face by many of the iPod users. At this point, make use of iPod resurgence software that tells you how to regain deleted data on iPod. With the help of this tool, user can reclaim files from iPod Shuffle and also supports other models of iPod with utmost ease.

Any type of interruption during the file transfer process or improper ejection of the iPod without using safely remove device option in between a file transfer process will always results in deletion of files from iPod. Such type of case arises when the user connects the iPod to the computer in order to transfer files from it, but user ejects the iPod cable from the computer sometimes accidentally or sometimes purposely. In both the cases of file deletion from iPod, solution is only one to undelete deleted files i.e. rescue iPod tool. This sudden ejection sometimes corrupts the file system of the iPod, and in this case only option left for the user is formatting of the iPod which leads to deletion of stored data. In this case also, user can take help of this software which also facilitates user to retain video files from IPod and also get back other multimedia files as well in just a few steps.

All the iPod users over the globe have a misconception that deleted files cannot be stored back, no its not true as you can rescue deleted files and even you can reclaim files after formatting the iPod or any other data storage device. And for this purpose, use iPod revival software because only the pointers which hold the stored location of the files are removed and the particular space flagged as free to new data, which means that you can get back files before it gets overwritten with new data. Rescue iPod tool also enables user to retain lost songs from iPod in couple of mouse clicks. Get more information about software go through this link http://www.ipodrecoverysoftware.net.

Perform below mentioned steps to rescue deleted files on iPod:

Step i: Launch the trial version of iPod recovery software, on home window as illustrated in Figure A, select "Recover Photos" in order to proceed further.

How to Recover Deleted Files on iPod - Welcome Window

Figure A: Home Window

Step ii: Select "Recover Deleted Photos" to retrieve deleted files from iPod as illustrated in Figure B and proceed to next step.

How to Recover Deleted Files on iPod - Choose Recovery Mode

Figure B: Select Recover Deleted Photos

Step iii: Now the list of detected storage devices are displayed. Select the iPod from the list and click on "Next" button to start scanning for deleted files as illustrated in Figure C.

How to Recover Deleted Files on iPod - Choose Drive

Figure C: Select iPod

Step iv: After scanning is done, view recovered files from iPod as illustrated in Figure D.

How to Recover Deleted Files on iPod - Preview Screen

Figure D: Recovered Result

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For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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