Restore Songs from Frozen iPod Classic

Are you browsing different websites for a long time to find a solution for your frozen iPod classic? You might have connected your iPod to a personal computer for accessing or for adding new songs to it using iTunes application. As soon as you started adding songs from iTunes, your iPod classic suddenly stops working. In other words, the data transfer had failed and your iPod gets frozen. As suggested by some of your friends, you might have tried to reset it by selecting the menu & center button together for some time. In some cases, it might work well, but it may not help you always. If you do not have a backup of the songs present on your iPod classic, you are on the verge of losing entire media files due to a frozen iPod. So, what are the best possible steps you can take to salvage your favourite songs i.e for the retrieval of media files from iPod ?. To know more log on to

First, stop using your frozen iPod classic i.e. do not try to access it further on the iTunes application. Then, make use of this iPod classic songs rescue tool to rescue lost songs from iPod. This software has been used by various resurgence experts and is suggested worldwide for the revival of music files from iPod classic & various other types of iPods. It is developed to work in almost all the circumstances leading to a loss of files from your iPod classic. The most common scenario in which most of the users require this tool is that of a frozen iPod. As mentioned earlier, your iPod may get frozen while writing new songs to it. This may be due to a corrupt iTunes database on your iPod classic. The iTunes database may get corrupted because of the fact that you had unknowingly tampered it in one or the other way.

The other scenario in which your iPod freezes is when your computer starts recognizing it as “Removable disk” instead of “IPOD”. When you try to check its properties by right-clicking on its icon, it freezes & you cannot get in. The reasons are many for this abnormal behaviour of your iPod classic. It might be due to an upgrade to iTunes version. The iPod file system or library may get corrupted while you migrated from older version to the latest version of iTunes application. Due to this reason, sometimes, iTunes displays an error message stating that your iPod needs to be reset. And when you reset your iPod classic using the iTunes, it is a known fact that it will remove entire data from an internal hard drive of your iPod classic. In this situation make use of this powerful iPod revival software to get back media files from iPod and you can also use this software to bring back lost pictures from iPod without facing any difficulty. Software experts have designed this software with a simple user interface so that even an amateur user can retain files from iPod without facing any complications and in very quick span of time. With the help of iPod rescue software user can get back deleted files from iPod in just few steps.

Another reason of corruption to your iPod may be a migration between different PC’s. There are fair chances of an iPod getting frozen when you migrate from PC to PC, PC to Mac or vice-versa. But, now you may not be worried about all these facts and reasons, as you can retrieve your songs effortlessly by utilizing this iPod classic songs revival software that can even retain iPod songs on Mac machines. The software facilitates you to specify the file types that need to be rescued from a frozen iPod classic. Upon the accomplishment of scanning, it provides you an option to preview the files. Thus, you can check its efficiency prior to purchasing its licensed version. In addition to the retrieval from iPod classic, this tool can prominently bring back music files from iPod mini, iPod shuffle, iPod touch & iPod nano with ease.

Carry out the steps mentioned below to rescue songs from frozen iPod classic:

Step 1 : As illustrated in Fig 1, after selecting “Recover Photos” option on the welcome window, choose “Recover Lost Photos” module on the next screen.

How to Recover Songs from Frozen iPod classic - Recover Photos module

Fig 1 : Select Recover Photos option

Step 2 : From a list of physical drives connected to your computer, choose your iPod classic and click “Next”, as illustrated in Fig 2.

How to Recover Songs from Frozen iPod classic - Select iPod classic

Fig 2 : Choose your iPod classic

Step 3 : A list of recovered data gets displayed on the next window, as illustrated in Fig 3. Purchase the registered version of this tool to save the retrieved iPod songs.

How to Recover Songs from Frozen iPod classic - List of recovered songs

Fig 3 : Recovered Songs List

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