Restore Photos from iPod

Are you the one who wants to get back photos from iPod? Looking to find a suitable solution which helps you to get back lost or deleted picture files from iPod? Don’t worry! You are in a right place because here we’ll provide you guidance with the solution to retain photos from iPod. The iPod photo recovery tool is the best application present in the market to restore lost or deleted picture files from iPod and it also help you to recover media files from various data storage drives without facing any difficulty. It supports recovery of photos from different models of iPod like Nano or Classic.

Most of the times, user accidentally deletes photos from the iPod while deleting unwanted files. But the user realizes this mistake when he/she doesn’t find the collection of precious picture files which are stored in the iPod. If you have the backup file then you can easily restore the accidentally deleted picture files, but what you’ll do if you don’t have any backup file. Just make use of iPod photo recovery application that easily recover accidentally deleted photos from the iPod and you can also use this application to retain songs from frozen iPod classic.

Losing collection of important picture files from the iPod is unbearable. This situation of photo loss occurs when any type of virus or malware attack on the iPod from the internet or from the computer hard drive corrupt the file system of the iPod and make it inaccessible. If you want to use your iPod further then you have to format it which eventually erases the stored data from the iPod and results in huge data loss to the user. No need to panic, as you can recover photos from the formatted iPod with the help of the iPod recovery software because formatting never erases the stored data permanently, it just removes the pointers pointing towards the stored file, the actual data remains intact until and unless it gets overwritten with new files. Not only this, you can also rescue videos from iPod and also reclaim other media files like audios, graphics, documents from it. With the help of software you can undelete deleted media files from iPod Shuffle in just a few mouse clicks. This software also has the ability to bring back files from iPod on Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Get more details about Windows version at

The other possible reasons which cause loss of photos from iPod are mentioned below:

  • Applying factory restoration settings of the iPod without copying stored media files.
  • iTunes synchronization error while transferring data from iPod to the computer causes huge data loss.
  • IPod’s firmware corruption sometimes freezes the iPod, which may result in picture loss.
  • Sudden ejection of the iPod from the computer during a file transfer process also results in data loss.

As the reasons for losing photos from iPod may vary but the solution to recover lost photo files from iPod remains same i.e. By using iPod photo recovery software. The powerful recovery algorithm of the software recovers deleted or lost photo files from iPod without facing any complications. Moreover, you can recover music files from iPod Mini with utmost ease.

Perform few simple steps which are mentioned below to recover photos from iPod:

Step a: Open the free trial version of the software, Home screen pops up as shown in Fig A, select "Recover Photos" option, and then on the next screen select either "Recover Lost Photos" or "Recover Deleted Photos" option.

Recover Photo From iPod - Main Screen

Fig A : Home Screen

Step b: On the next scrren a list of physical drives connected to your computer is displayed, select your iPod and click on "Next", as shown in Fig B.

Recover Photo From iPod - Choose iPod

Fig B : Select iPod

Step c: List of recovered photos gets displayed on the next screen, as shown in Fig C. Purchase the license version of this software to save the retrieved iPod photos.

Recover Photo From iPod - List of recovered pictures

Fig C : Recovered Photos List

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