Recover Uncompressed WAV File on iPod Nano

If you are unable to find the songs stored in WAV format from your iPod Nano? If you would have failed to locate such WAV files from iPod Nano even after searching it several times, then it means that you have lost your WAV files from iPod Nano. You might be shocked to witness the situation that made you to lose your favorite songs. Don’t worry, losing files is quite common and interesting part is that your WAV files are still present on memory of iPod Nano waiting to come back until they are overwritten by some new data. You need to utilize some good file rescuing software available to get back your lost WAV files.

iPod Nano is a digital media player developed by Apple as a replacement for Apple Mini, which had made major remark in entertainment field. Apple has recently released sixth generation of iPod Nano that looks attractive with multitouch interface and comes with FM radio. WAV is the standard audio file format supported by iPod Nano for storing music files. Most probably WAV format contains uncompressed audio files and most of applications support WAV file format due to its simple structure. Even after taking some useful precautions, it is not possible to avoid loss of WAV files from iPod Nano. Don’t get frustrated when you lose your favorite music collection from iPod Nano, always use right software like ipod file rescuing software to get back your songs from iPod in no time.

You might be thinking hard to figure out the possible causes for loss of WAV files. However, there are number of reasons which might lead to deletion of uncompressed WAV files from iPod Nano. WAV files might get deleted/lost due to any one of data loss situations mentioned below:

  • Accidental Deletion: When you press “Delete All” button by mistake, all music files might get deleted from iPod Nano. Using “Command+Delete” key combination when you connect your iPod nano to Mac system for accessing music files or to delete some unwanted files may lead to loss of music files. Files which are lost in this manner will not get stored in Mac Trash and cannot be recovered using any manual method. You can make use of this effective media file rescue software to rescue lost music files from iPod on Mac computer in just copule of minutes.
  • File Transfer Process: Errors/Interruptions that are encountered during transfer of files from Mac computer to iPod memory like sudden system turn off, improper power supply, low battery on iPod Nano, synchronization errors, etc can result in loss of WAV files. iPod Nano interacts with system through iTunes software, if this software stops responding during copying process then files transfer process will be interrupted and you might end up losing WAV music files.
  • Accidental Formatting of iPod Nano: Unlike Mac OS, Windows file system does not support Mac file system. When you connect your iPod Nano formatted with HFS+ file system, Windows PC might show an error message like “drive is not formatted, format it to FAT file system”. Accidental click on “OK” button will format your iPod Nano and files get erased from it. Hence, you can take help of media file recovery software to retrieve WAV files lost due to formatting.
  • Other Errors: Auto synchronization of music files takes place when you connect iPod Nano to Mac computer. This auto synchronization process creates duplicate copy of iTunes library and if you delete any file from iTunes Library then exact file stored on iPod nano also gets deleted. In addition, corruption of firmware files on iPod results in loss of WAV files from iPod Nano.

Pertaining to all of the above mentioned data loss scenarios, you can take the assistance of this iPod file rescuing software Mac to get back uncompressed WAV file from iPod Nano music player. No matter whatever might be the cause for loss of WAV files, it scans whole iPod Nano and gets back lost files efficiently. Along with iPod Nano, it supports lost/deleted file recovery from iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Mini. Its user friendly wizard that will guide you a step by step process using which even a novice user will get back his lost files. This tool has powerful built in algorithms to locate and recover other media file formats like video clips, images and RAW photo file formats used by modern digital cameras. Apart from iPod Nano, you can also use this tool to recover all popular media files from flash memory cards, hard drives and external USB drives on Mac computer. You can once have the review of iPod rescuing tool in order to get further details of this product and how it works by visiting at

This software is the best application available in the market to rescue lost or deleted media files from the iPod. You can undelete deleted pictures from iPod with utmost ease. Industry experts designed this software with a simple user interactive interface so that even a amateur user can recover lost or deleted files from iPod. To check the efficiency of this software, you can download its demo version and carry out the steps mentioned below:

Step I: Upon launching the software, choose “Recover Photos” option on the main screen, as illustrated in Fig I.

Uncompressed WAV File Restoration from iPod Nano - Welcome Screen

Fig I : Choose Recover Photos

Step II: Now, select either “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option. On the next window, choose your iPod Nano device from a list of idenfied drives and click “Next”, as illustrated in Fig II.

Uncompressed WAV File Restoration from iPod Nano - Choose iPod mini

Fig II : Select iPod Nano

Step III: You can select the WAV file type from the list of file types shown by file seletion window. After scanning, the software displays a list of recovered WAV music files, as illustrated in Fig III. Right-click on any recovered file to “Preview” it prior to restoration.

Uncompressed WAV File Restoration from iPod Nano - Retrieved Files list

Fig III : List of Recovered WAV Files

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