Video Recovery from iPod

Have you accidentally deleted some of your favorite video files from iPod? Are you wondering whether you can get back your accidentally deleted or lost video files from iPod after reset? Well, actually when you delete a file from iPod they does not get permanently erased. The space that was occupied by the files get listed as free re-usable space. If the free space is not overwritten by new files, then you can easily retain video files from iPod Classic after accidental reset using reliable iPod recovery software. Visit homepage by logging at

Apple has designed elegant MP3 player and re-defined the class of media players in an iPod queue such as the iPod mini, iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod classic, etc. iPods are handy devices with different storage capabilities. They store media files like video, photos and audio files on their flash memories. iPod Classic has huge 160GB capacity and is not thicker than three £1 coins. It has the best battery life among the other class of iPods. iPod Classic can play only MPEG4 and H.264 video files. ITunes manipulates and manages these media files in an organized manner. At times, you may tend to lose media files due to several reasons.

Scenarios leading to loss of video files from iPod are mentioned below:

  • When you plug your iPod a computer, iTunes starts up and you see that all the video files from your iPod suddenly disappear.
  • When you connect your iPod to your friend’s system then there are instances that your iPod gets updated with your friend’s iTunes leading to loss of your favorite video files.
  • Another typical case is, if you accidentally hit the restore button in iTunes and formatted the iPod, then this could also lead to deletion or loss of video files from your iPod.
  • If some harmful malware or virus has corrupted the file system then it may not allow you to access the media files present on the iPod. Virus might duplicate and rename your original file, which may result in loss of video files.
  • Or if the iPod is frozen and displays an Exclamation Mark and Sad face Icon or it simply doesn’t start at all can also lead to video file loss from iPod.

Hence, to avoid data loss scenarios from your iPod, you must have a complete updated backup of all your favorite media files that will be helpful when data is lost for restoring it. If you do not possess a backup then, you can make use some effective iPod rescue software to regain mp3 files from iPods after format.

You can use reliable this software that is very effective in binging back lost or deleted photos, audio or video files. This software application is created with special built-in algorithms for rescuing all types of media files with ease. This tool helps to get back music files deleted after autosync and can also un delete or lost RAW images and video clips from different models of iPods like iPod nano, iPod Classic Mini and iPod shuffle. It can rescue lost or deleted songs from iPods and also other music file formats like MP3, WAV, M4b, AIFC, AIFF, AIF, MP4, etc, photo file formats like TIFF, PNG, BMP, GIF,PSD, NEF, ARW, ORF, RAW, KDC, RAF, etc and video file formats like MOV, MPEG, MPG, MP4, AVI, etc. You can even restore formatted iPod files using this tool. After revival, it recognizes and preserves the file names. You can obtain the free demo version of the software and preview the rescued results. Moreover, this tool also helps to recover files from iPod after corruption due to synchronization error, suddenly ejecting iPod from PC. Click here to get more information about it.

Procedure to restore video files from iPod is as follows:

Step 1: Download the free demo version for iPod recovery software and install it. When it get installed on your system click on the icon for start up. Choose "Recover Photos" option to recover video files from the main screen as shown in Figure 1 and proceed.

Recover Video from iPod- Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2:  When you select "Recover Photos" option from main screen, the next window that appears gives you two option i.e "Recover deleted photos" or "Recover lost photos". Select "Recover Lost Photos" option from the screen appearing in figure 2 to recover video files from iPod and proceed.

Recover Video from iPod - Select File Recovery Mode

Figure 2: Select File Recovery Mode

Step 3: Now the screen displays the disk icons. Select the drive from which you want to restore lost video files and then click the "Next" button for further process as shown in figure 3, which will apperently take you to the next step towards your iPod recovery.

Recover Video from iPod - Select iPod screen

Figure 3: Select Drive

Step 4: The next step is to select the file types which you want to recover and click on "Next" as shown in Figure 4. As soon as you click on "Next" scanning process starts.

Recover Video from iPod  - File type selection window

Figure 4: Select the File Type

Step 5:Once the scanning process is completed the software displays the recovered files as shown in figure 5. They can be viewed in two different types as "data view" or "file type view". You can even save the recovered files using "Save Recovery Session" option for further use.

 Recover Video from iPod - Data view / File type view windows

Figure 4: View Recovered Files

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