Recover iPod on Windows

Nowadays, iPod is the most popular digital media players. It has become a good companion to all music lovers that allows user to store both music and photos. You can also store graphics, videos, documents, etc in it. iPod can also be used as external storage. The storage capacity varies according to the model .Basically iPod supports FAT32 file system.


As a music lover, you know the frustration you would feel when all your files and favourite songs that you had collected and organized on your iPod gone within seconds due to a simple mistake. However, a technology cannot be successful unless the manufacturers try to provide a solution to the problems that encounter with it. The way in which drive of the iPod are designed or built it do not get physically destroyed. However, there are some logical issues due to which you may end up in losing all your files from iPod. No need to worry at all!!! This is because, you can easily rescue your deleted or lost files by using this professional iPod recovery software. It supports all version of windows operating system such as Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, 2007, 2008. It is also capable to recover mp4 files from memory card without formatting very easily. To know more about memory card recovery, check this page:

The data loss can be due to many reasons such as accidental deletion of files, resetting to factory setting, accidental drive format, incorrect capacity, software malfunctions. Few common scenarios are explained below:

Format Error: Sometimes, when you were trying to transfer music between the Windows PC and the iPod, your system might return an error message like "Drive not formatted" on your Windows hard drive and you would not be able to access the songs stored on your iPod. In this case, you should format your iPod to get an access of stored data. If you format the iPod then you will lose each and every file including precious photos as formatting process deletes the data stored on the storage device.

Data loss while updating the Software: Sometimes, when updating your iPod on Windows computer, it may suddenly crash or freezes due to which you may unable to complete the update process, which in turn results in loss of files. If your iPod is frozen then check the battery level and ensure that the hold key is not turned to locked form. If it is not in locked form then due to some logical corruption issue, you are unable to access the data.

One property of iPod is that it can store large amount of media files. However, having all of that data in one place poses its own set of risks. One major risk is the possibility of iPod corruption due to which you may lose all your files from it. This can have worst results if there is no back up. No need to worry, you can still retain your media files by using this iPod Rescue Software. In addition, you can use tool to restore files from iPod after corruption due to virus attacks and other reasons. To get more information about it, visit

The software scans each file lost or deleted from your iPod due to accidental deletion, improper ejection, malfunctioning mobile application, incorrect storage capacity. This tool is developed to support the iPod file resurgence on popular versions of Windows operating system i.e. Window 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003 & 2008. The software has an in-built module to rescue media files from various storage devices along with iPods. With the help of this module, the software can bring back iPod media files of various file formats like photos, audios, videos etc in just few simple steps. This software also supports various models of iPods like iPod Classic, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle.

Following are the steps you can perform during the rescue process by using iPod recovery software:

Step I: First download iPod recovery software and then install it.Then you will see a main window, select "Recover Photos" option.

iPod Recovery on Windows - Welcome Screen

Fig I: Choose Recover Photos

Step II : After that select "Recover deleted photos" or "Recover lost photos" option to recover files from your iPod on Windows .

iPod Recovery on Windows - Select Deleted or Lost iPod files

Fig II: Select Deleted or Lost iPod Files

Step III: Now, select your iPod and click on "Next"option.

iPod Recovery on Windows - Choose your iPod

Fig III : Choose your iPod

Step IV: The scanning process starts and you can preview the recovered media files by clicking "Preview" option.

iPod Recovery on Windows - Preview Recovered Files

Fig IV : Preview Recovered Files

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